Meet The Lightbulbs

Grace teoh chief data organiser excel addict

Grace Teoh, Chief Data Organiser & Excel Addict

Hi, that's me smiling nerdily.

In 2016, I started Lightdotlab with the idea of helping businesses and individuals better achieve their goals. At Lightdotlab, we believe using data insights is key to guiding successful business decisions. We have collaborated with various companies including Changi Airport Group, Scoot, Societe Generale, Topology Travel and Wobe; from developing business models and reports, to providing end user trainings.

Having worked as a business analyst, I specialise in building models and reports that can be changed on-the-fly, to facilitate C-level decision-making. My expertise is fuelled by my motivation to constantly discover better, faster, and more accurate ways to improve business analysis and modelling. Enabling people to get the most out of their data is what excites me the most!

If you'd like to chat about consulting and training opportunities, simply drop me a line or let's grab coffee!

Jasmin choo growth strategist

Jasmin Choo, Growth Strategist

Don’t be fooled by that coy grin (we were, at first!).

Jasmin prefers to live life on the “spicy” side: full of food, travel and spark. Her constant globetrotting has honed not only her skills as a people-person, but also the ability to work seamlessly anywhere.

Through her experiences, she has found that the key to good communication is to keep things simple. Her advice: always try to be relatable on a personal level. 

As our Growth Strategist, Jasmin takes heart in making sure we stay on top of our game. Her diversified experience in risk management, marketing, and journalism provides Lightdotlab with unique perspectives on how to serve our clients better.

According to Jasmin, Lightdotlab fulfills her idea of helping people in the littlest ways, but with big impact.

sabrena jefri communications strategist

Sabrena Jefri, Communications Strategist

We may state the obvious but, Sabrena loves to lead life out of the box.

Whether on a motorcycle in Jakarta, a kopitiam in Singapore or by the Seine river in Paris, she lives by the old saying: life is a story waiting to be told.

She keeps the same approach when it comes to her work style. To her, all stories are worth listening to -if you tell it right. With her strong background in hospitality, marketing and PR, Sabrena lends us her expertise as a skilled communicator. She also speaks 5 languages and hopes to be able to order ramen in Japanese someday.

At Lightdotlab, Sabrena strives to shine light (note her pun) on our purpose, vision and values. Secretly a fan of Marie Kondo, she firmly believes being efficient is about continuously improving your processes, with adequate knowledge and tools.


Why People Love Us

Those we've trained

Tay Xue Ping, Consumer & Marketing Insights Specialist

Tay Xue Ping, Consumer & Marketing Insights Specialist

"the training was grounded by practical experience, thus helping me quickly apply what I learnt to my daily work and deal with the 'messy' real-world situations.Grace helped us re-organise, automate and merge data sources so that we could focus on our analysis. Now, it is so much easier and faster to pick up key figures as and when we need."

Ong Si Yun, Pricing and Commercial Strategy

Ong Si Yun, Pricing and Commercial Strategy

"Grace taught us how to build 'clean' models and generously shared her knowledge of Excel. Now, I am able to develop models that can quickly simulate scenarios during management meetings! It’s a great relief no longer having to scramble each time someone wants to change an input assumption."

Jade Lim, Consumer & Marketing Insights Specialist

Jade Lim, Consumer & Marketing Insights Specialist

"If you want to learn how to storytell effectively with data, Grace will be your go-to person. I liked that she focused on the 'whys' because once I understood it, I was able to intuitively apply the principles. She inspired me to question my motivation behind my design choices, and made me a better communicator!"


Those we've consulted for

Steve Shih, Topology Travel, Taiwan

Steve Shih, Topology Travel, Taiwan

"Lightdotlab has helped us identify our critical operating metrics and displayed those performance metrics on visually-rich graphs, allowing the relevant departments to understand our operating situation immediately. With this, instead of a reactionary response to changes in economy, we can now take preventive measures earlier."

winifred lim, Fung group, Hong Kong

winifred lim, Fung group, Hong Kong

"If you're looking for an effective and reliable partner to work with, it will be Lightdotlab. Grace's ability to clarify the 'why', and more importantly interpret insights beyond just numbers, is critical to every business that aims to drive data-driven decisions today."

Dennis Teo, Breathe Pilates, Singapore

Dennis Teo, Breathe Pilates, Singapore

"With Lightdotlab's help, we've managed to identify which part of the business needed improvements and through the breakdown of data, we have also managed to measure and analyse our performance."