Why we should evaluate our learning

On being brainy.

Ever thought about how fascinating the human brain is?

Other than using up 20% of your body's oxygen intake, the brain is innately capable of quick, if not indefinite learning.

Neuroplasticity is the ability of our brain to change according to what we do all the time. If we drive a lot, our brain develops more spatial awareness to gain a better sense of direction (that is, if you don’t rely on GPS). This also means if unstimulated, our brain stops developing actively and well... stagnates.

Suffice to say, a healthy brain demands to be entertained and put to work.

The Toil of Urban Labourers

Since corporations became scoreboard leaders in the game called our global economy, us humans have increasingly found ourselves obtaining our daily bread as office workers. While we might scoff and think we have progressed a lot since those manual-assembly-line factory days, some of us “modern workers” are not quite spared from these “mind degrading” activities. They have just taken a different form.

Think about how much time you spent organising, cleaning, formatting your data and then re-doing everything again when new instructions come. Surely, there must be a better way to make use of your time? And your brain powers?

Has the essence of the work we do changed much since?

A Smarter Worker

What sets a smart worker apart from others is someone who spends time wisely, asks the right questions and brainstorms strategies. Someone who constantly asks “why are we doing what we are doing?”, “what can be done better?” and “how can we go about achieving it?”

So we asked ourselves, with these powerful things in our heads, and the technology at our disposal, how can we enable the average worker to do things better? Faster? Easier?

Making the Best Use of Your Brilliance

We envision a world where us humans are stretched to maximise our intellectual capacity, where we continue to push the frontiers of our achievements.

We also believe that technology, used right, can make us go faster. Hence, we designed our curriculum using the most popular work tool - Excel - to create work paths that can minimise manual work. We emphasise on creating intuitive designs so that anyone can learn how to use them at first glance. We listen carefully to ensure that our solutions can solve the problems at hand. We do all these with the aim to make everyone smarter workers at the end of the day.

Here at Lightdotlab, we want to make sure everybody makes the best of the brilliant asset they already have - themselves.