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Lightdotlab intern yeo chih siong digital marketer

Chih Siong Yeo, Digital Marketer, Mar-Jun 2018

A man of many talents, Chih Siong has helped Lightdotlab make waves over the internet as our digital marketer. We've asked him to share his thoughts, on his experience working at Lightdotlab. Here's his take:

"This is my first time working with a startup, and it has been such an enriching experience. Lightdotlab allows me to exercise a lot of flexibility and autonomy in my work. I feel that my opinions are valued and the team always ensures my involvement. We are a tiny yet (very) communicative team, which is helpful when we work remotely! I've also learned how to have healthy debates and "conflict" when discussing ideas. This has taught me the importance of staying open to suggestions and feedback. With my role, I've had the opportunity to build a digital marketing plan and execute it, by spearheading a digital marketing campaign. Despite this being a short stint, I feel I have learned and contributed a lot. It's been a pleasure working and being part of the team!". 

To learn more of his experience working with us, see here.

Lightdotlab intern mabel ong Implementation Specialist

Mabel Ong, Implementation Specialist, Dec 2017-Jan 2018

Picture Mabel as a firecracker: her work is explosive and does serious (but good) damage.

As our very first intern, her contributions have been wide and varied. She shares her take on her experiences working with Lighdotlab:

“Working in a startup did live up to its expectations: dipping my hands into almost everything. After constructing the marketing blueprint, my job ballooned to an octopus wearing several hats; a training assistant, a digital marketer, an opinion article writer, a web consultant to revamp the site’s User Experience (UX), etc. I also poked my head into the firm’s direction, bombarding questions to narrow down our value proposition, and suggested potential angles that it has since leveraged to explore. In a small team, any addition produces an exponential increase in output. That immediacy between contribution and valuable output became my motivation to produce more quality work faster” 

Read more on her Lightdotlab journey here.



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