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Client industry: Aviation

The problem: 

  • Needing to clean, prepare, and consolidate data from more than 20 different source files, monthly.

  • Complex manual processing prone to errors.

  • No one true source of cleaned up data as files were stored separately by individual account managers.

  • Took days to create each management report.

Lightdotlab's solution:

Automated Data Preparation, Storage and Visualisation (Excel VBA, Power Query, Power Pivot, Access)

  • Built automated workflow that cleans, consolidates, calculates, and visualises data.

  • Designed user-friendly interface to let user quickly load latest data and refresh charts with just clicks.

  • Conducted in-house training.

Added value: 

  • Increased efficiency on reports creation- from days to just hours instead.

  • Ability to invest more time on high value analysis and recommendation, instead of manual data report preparation.

  • Ease of mind from significantly reduced errors. Less time wastage tracing errors and rectifying them.

  • Team access to one true source of cleaned up data. Eliminated dependency of data preparation and update from individual account managers.

  • No longer necessary to deconflict differing figures that seemingly represent the same metric.


Client industry: Financial Technology

The problem:

  • Identify and track critical operating metrics and distill out impact of various operational elements (e.g. change in pricing, introduction of new product, marketing to new customer segments and regions) on these metrics.

  • Use this data as feedback point to various operational teams on what’s working and what’s not.

Lightdotlab's solution:

Dashboard Development (Power BI, Google Sheets)

  • Interviewed team and analysed data so as to crystallise critical operating metrics, their relations to key operational levers, and impact to overall company revenue performance.

  • Set up workflow to capture data inputs in an organised way. Distilled logic and built model to forecast performance.

  • Built dashboard to track and forecast critical metrics.

  • Conducted in-house training.

Added value: 

  • Quick and easy to get data-backed insights on which initiatives or developments were working (or not) in terms of user behaviour and impact to revenue performance -generates a feedback loop for operational teams.

  • Lift overall data literacy of teams.

  • Management team gained access to a quantitative perspective of the business. This allowed prompt progress and assumption tracking.


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Our Approach: Let's Talk About You

Data optimization - Report building - Data Preparation.

Let's build you a great dashboard!

lightdotlab consulting approach data optimization reporting building data preparation

1. Identify

First, we’ll tell you how excited we are to meet and match!

To get to know you better, we’ll ask about your business, what your needs are and why. We'll advise you on how we're the right fit, by putting ourselves in your shoes.

Then, we’ll work on finding the elephant in the room -you may not even know it's there!

2. Blueprint

We’ll talk, a lot. It's important we align ourselves with your key objectives and incentives.

We look forward to discussing  your business logic and goals. Our job is getting you there, starting by mapping out key obstacles and pain points.

We’ll have an action plan ready for you, before you can say "Eureka!”.

3. Develop

You can count on us to care about your success. This means committing ourselves to tailoring sustainable solutions, according to your business calculations.

This translates into data cleaning, preparation, and visualisation workflow. To achieve this, we use Microsoft Office tools like Power Query, Power Pivot and VBA in Excel, Access, and Power BI.

4. Train

We don’t believe in short-term victories for our clients. 

To keep progress consistent, we look into ensuring your team is empowered with the right tools.

We’ll be happy to provide training that is case specific to your business, using Microsoft based applications.


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