What do you guys do?

Lightdotlab is powered by a small team of Power BI and Excel enthusiasts driven by our big love for data. We believe in enabling people to get the most out of data through personalised training and tailored consulting services. Our versatile Power BI and Excel solutions have been adopted by companies from varied industries such as aviation, fintech and travel.

With Lightdotlab’s interactive Power BI trainings, you will learn how to use tools hidden in plain sight to solve complex problems. Discover new ways to tackle and manage data more efficiently with these little-known but powerful tools. They are especially helpful if you often crunch data in Power BI and Excel or regularly deal with reporting. Recently, we used these same tools to help a customer reduce a 5,000-step reporting process to just 5 steps. Master Power BI with us to cut down your slog time!

What are dashboards?

Play with one interactive dashboard here

How are you different from other training and consulting firms?

We begin with the end in mind. Instead of just telling you the steps to navigate the functions of Power BI’s Power Query and Power Pivot, we guide you in framing your business questions, before we get into the steps of the game. We believe that understanding what you want out of your dashboard or report really is the crux in creating a useful one.

Other than setting the big questions right, we relentlessly focus on sharpening your critical thinking and problem-solving skills. We’re not just about the how-to steps. For that, you could easily show up at our training, collect your high-quality full-colour step-by-step course booklet, and leave. Instead, we dedicate much effort to coach you to break down concepts into key fundamental principles, so you can masterfully apply what you learn to problems of all shapes and sizes when you walk out of the classroom.

One more thing, we also incorporate the element of design and business practicality in all our dashboard creations, ensuring that you can benefit from easy implementation and use.

What is Power Query?

Power Query automates your data cleaning and preparation work. Say goodbye to mind-numbing yet critical work such as:

  • Tedious copying and pasting of updated data to your reports;

  • Painful merging of many tables into a huge one that slows down your laptop. Because too many VLOOKUP()s; and

  • Manual filtering and deletion of unnecessary columns and spacing.

Once you learn Power Query, you’ll be floored by how much time, energy, and hair-pulling you could have saved if only you had learnt it earlier (This is a common refrain we hear during trainings).

Find out how Power Query can help you right-click your way to data cleaning happiness.

What is Power Pivot?

You’ve probably heard of Pivot Table. Power Pivot is like Pivot Table, but way more powerful. With Power Pivot, you can:

  • Import data from multiple sources;

  • Relate them simply using drag-and-drop;

  • Write efficient and flexible metrics that

  • Work delightfully well with slicers for on-the-fly slice-and-dice; and

  • Analyse virtually unlimited rows of data.

Best thing is, Power Pivot is free!

This is what will help keep your calm and poise when you’re in the board room being bombarded by the barrage of questions that you’re expected to handle. It is also a major time-saver even in the backroom when you explore and analyse your data to tease out crucial business insights.

Find out why Power Pivot can change your working life.

What is Power BI?

You can think of Power BI as a data visualisation tool made up of a family of Microsoft tools. Its family members include Power Query and Power Pivot, each having its unique functions to support one purpose: to help users like yourself manage data to generate insights while keeping any hair-tearing frustrations to the minimum.

We’ll be completing our Power BI Trilogy really soon with Power BI 3: Data Storytelling with Visualisations! Get yourself ready with a solid foundation with our flagship Power BI 1 and Power BI 2 training courses now!

What kind of software platform do you use?

Power BI and Excel.

Power BI has Power Query, Power Pivot (aka Relationships and DAX), Visualisations and Sharing all rolled into one kick-ass software!

As for Excel,

Power Query is integrated in Excel as “Get & Transform” within the Data tab since Office 2016. These are the various Office versions that contain Power Query:

One-time purchase products: Office 2019, Office Professional 2016, Office 2016 Professional Plus, Excel 2016 standalone.

Subscription products: Office 365 (All versions that include desktop versions of Excel for Windows)

Excel 2010, Excel 2013, Office 2013 Professional Plus: Power Query add-in available as a free download.

Power Pivot is a free add-in in Excel. It sits in Excel but runs a separate Data Model. These are the various Office versions that contain Power Pivot:

One-time purchase products: Office Professional 2019, Office Home & Business 2019, Office Home & Student 2019, Office 2016 Professional Plus, Office 2013 Professional Plus, Excel 2016 standalone, Excel 2013 standalone.

Subscription products: Office 365 (All versions that include desktop versions of Excel for Windows)

Excel 2010: Power Pivot add-in available as a free download.

Check out Microsoft’s website for the latest updates.

Find out which version of Office you're using.

Watch this to install Power Query and Power Pivot in your Excel.


Who is suitable for your trainings?

Training is where we teach you how to fish.

If you are spending a lot of time managing data on Excel or Power BI, you may be keen to find out how things could be done differently. Our interactive trainings are designed to help you to see your business problems from a data perspective, and guide you to sieve out important information in the most efficient way we think possible.

The trainings require an intermediate understanding of Excel i.e. participants must be familiar with formulas and Pivot Tables. You can take a look at the course outlines for Power BI 1 and Power BI 2.

But fundamentally, as long as you have the interest to learn, you are in for a treat.

Can I learn Power BI on my own?

You sure can! It’s just that we have condensed all the important bits into a class that has been carefully designed to allow you to understand what is really going on. If you want to know specifically what is useful or relevant for your business functions, or learn some quick hacks to make your work easier, you will find that our trainings can meet your needs.

Do I need to bring anything for the workshop?

Your curiosity to learn. Your laptop with Power BI or the right version of Excel (2016 or later) installed, and your laptop charger. Oh, and a jacket (just in case you find the air-con to be too cold).

How often do you conduct the workshops? How many people are there in a workshop?

Every 1 to 2 months. Check upcoming schedule here.

We keep our trainings to maximum of 10 persons per class to encourage two-way interaction between the coach and yourself. This is because we believe that the best way to learn is to ask questions, and we will be delighted to answer any that you have.


Who is suitable for your consulting?

Consulting is where we design a customised fishing rod for your needs, test it out in your sea to make sure it works there, then teach you and your friends how to fish using that fishing rod.

If you are looking for a comprehensive relook at your data reporting workflows and the creation of a tailor-made dashboard, our consulting services can help you get those done within an agreed-upon time frame.

We believe that the success of a project requires a close partnership with you. This is because crafting a useful fishing rod necessitates an understanding of your business challenges and needs. Assigning a project manager who is familiar with your business would be most ideal to ensure smooth implementation.

What kind of consulting services do you provide?

Dashboard design, workflow automation, implementation and training.

Firstly, design includes understanding your business needs and logic, detailed scoping of workflow, automation of data cleaning, storing, and visualisation.

After constructing your dashboard, we offer implementation guidance and trainings based on the dashboards created. Not only will we guide you and your team to understand how you can make use of the functions in the dashboards, but more importantly, you will learn how to edit these dashboards to keep their functionality relevant in the face of your changing business questions.

Take a look at some of the various fishing rods we have custom-built for our consulting customers.


How much do I need to pay?

For trainings, the only fee involved is the amount stated in the respective course outlines. No other additional fees.

For consulting, charges vary depending on your project’s scope and complexity. Let’s start a conversation here.

Are you charging more than other training and consulting firms?

While we cannot guarantee that you will not find cheaper offers out there, we can definitely promise an engaging, hands-on and highly effective experience, an open line of communication, and a genuine interest to help you meet your business and learning needs.

Oh and of course if you join our trainings, you will be surrounding yourself with fun, positive individuals who are excited about what they do too!

Can I use my SkillsFuture credit to pay?

Not at the moment.

I’m interested. What can I do now?

About time! For trainings, you can register for our courses by clicking on the "Sign me up!" button below.

For consulting, drop us a message and we can have coffee to understand what you need.

Else, continue exploring our website and find out more about what we do (and why we believe Power Query and Power Pivot is magic).