Who is suitable for your consulting?

Consulting is where we design a customised fishing rod for your needs, test it out in your sea to make sure it works there, then teach you and your friends how to fish using that fishing rod.

If you are looking for a comprehensive relook at your data reporting workflows and the creation of a tailor-made dashboard, our consulting services can help you get those done within an agreed-upon time frame.

We believe that the success of a project requires a close partnership with you. This is because crafting a useful fishing rod necessitates an understanding of your business challenges and needs. Assigning a project manager who is familiar with your business would be most ideal to ensure smooth implementation.

What kind of consulting services do you provide?

Dashboard design, workflow automation, implementation and training.

Firstly, design includes understanding your business needs and logic, detailed scoping of workflow, automation of data cleaning, storing, and visualisation.

After constructing your dashboard, we offer implementation guidance and trainings based on the dashboards created. Not only will we guide you and your team to understand how you can make use of the functions in the dashboards, but more importantly, you will learn how to edit these dashboards to keep their functionality relevant in the face of your changing business questions.

Take a look at some of the various fishing rods we have custom-built for our consulting customers.