Power BI Training 3

Showcase Your Insightful Data Reports

A FREE Microsoft tool that:

  • Creates gorgeous and meaningful charts rich with context.

  • Enables on-demand slice-and-dice to answer your ever-changing business questions.

  • Analyses your business at different granularity levels for both C-level and working level.


But first, What's in it for You?

Save HOURS of self study. We give you the boost you need.

Learn exciting ways to add value to your data. We’ve carefully tailored our courses to feature all important aspects of Power BI. This includes learning how to create gorgeous, meaningful, and interactive charts rich with context. In just 2 days, you’ll gain useful skills to help you achieve maximum effectiveness. 

Get inspired through personalised engagement.

Our Power BI training class focuses on interaction, coupled with a hands-on approach. Discuss your data storytelling pains with us and address your challenges. We’ll guide you to sustainable solutions as you engage in class and with our coach. You'll have access to expert advice on how to get your data talking for you.

Free consultation to ensure you're on the right track.

We care about your success: it’s important to us that you show off those new data analytics ninja skills at work. Learning is a continuous process, so if you need extra advice or have more questions on Power BI, we've got you covered. Reach out to us anytime for a no-frills 60-minute post class session.

The future belongs to those who learn more skills and combine them in creative ways
— Robert Greene

 Course Overview

(Upcoming classes January 2020) - Singapore


What you learn:

Effective use of Power BI to:

  1. Tell your data story with beautiful visuals.

  2. Slice-and-dice on demand to answer your business questions from multiple angles.

  3. Drill down to investigate details layer by layer.

  4. Drill through to related reports to understand the story from a different lens.

  5. Share and get mobile-friendly reports on-the-go.

Topic Learn how to... Power BI tools
1. Appreciate Power BI ◾ Unlock possibilities with Power BI
◾ Learn the 3 core elements that make up Power BI
◾ Appreciate implications of starting with the right questions
◾ Test drive a finished interactive dashboard with a case study
2. Tell a visual story with your data ◾ Plan and sketch a dashboard of impactful visuals guided by useful storytelling and design tips
◾ Choose charts to best convey your intended message
◾ Format right to focus your audience’s attention
◾ Create and format commonly used charts e.g. Line, Bar (Clustered / Stacked), Ribbon, Waterfall, Scatter, Map
◾ Explore Custom Visuals
3. Give context ◾ Enrich charts with meaningful built-in reference lines
◾ Conditionally format charts using measures that are not used in said charts
◾ Keep charts clutter-free yet display lots of additional measure information with simple mouseover
◾ Constant, trend, percentile, min, max, average, median lines
◾ Data colour advanced controls
◾ Tooltips
4. Investigate your data easily ◾ Mouseover specific points to dynamically display related charts
◾ Slice-and-dice on-demand to answer business questions from multiple different perspectives
◾ Trace and investigate details layer by layer seamlessly
◾ Flow from one chart to another related chart easily
◾ Discover which driver have the largest influence on your business performance
◾ Tooltips (cont.)
◾ Cross-filters
◾ Slicers
◾ Drill down, drill through report
◾ Bookmarks
◾ Key influencers
5. Share your data story ◾ Design and share interactive reports and dashboards for easy access via web browsers and mobile devices
◾ Create an easy-to-understand data story for live presentations
◾ Discover potentially interesting insights with Power BI’s Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language capabilities
◾ Publish to Power BI Service
◾ Differentiate Power BI’s Report vs. Dashboard
◾ Design for Web vs. Mobile
◾ Export to Power Point and edit
◾ Get quick insights, Q&A

What you get:

  • Course materials

  • Light refreshments

  • FREE 60-minute after-class consultation session. If you need some extra help to implement what you have learned in our classes, we've got you covered! You'll receive customised advice on which specific functions / set-up you should consider applying to your report-building process.


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